7 Profitable Blog Topics.

Profitable Blog Topics

Blog topics are very essential for every blogger who is looking to make a profit from the blogging business, and in this article, I am going to reveal to you at least 7 profitable blog topics for 2022.

Before you even started blogging, making a profit should be your priority; because you will be spending money in order to keep your blog in cyberspace.

Paying for domain and hosting, premium themes, and plugins are those things that will keep your blog running.

And if at the end of the day, you don’t make your money back then you should rather consider quitting blogging or doing it as a hobby.

Thus, even though you are trying to start making a living as a blogger or you are already blogging but can’t make a profit out of it, you should reconsider your blog topic because it might just be the reason you are not making progress.

The best advice to stick to when trying to settle for a blog topic is to choose a topic you know so well.

For instance, if you are a businessman or woman, choosing financing, business, and marketing topics is your right choice, and as a teacher or student, the educational topic is the right one for you.

As we are approaching 2022, there are blog topics that are going to be very relevant; that is why I present to you the 7 profitable blog topics for the year 2022.

1. Financing Topics

Writing about money should be the number one blogging topic in the world; because everyone everywhere in the world needs money to survive.

People will not always only talk about money, but needs where to get the knowledge on how to make the money. Thus finance topics will always attract attention year in and year out.

Topics like investing, budgeting, marketing, etc have commanded more attention; as people every day are trying to figure out what to do to multiply their ends. Or where to start making ends meet after a recent job loss.

The only disadvantage surrounding this topic is that it is very competitive for SEO.

2. Business & Marketing Topics.

Business and marketing is another very profitable blog topic for 2022.

This topic can be broken down into several topics like Online businesses, Affiliate marketing, SEO and marketing best practices, and Entrepreneurship.

The two ways one can profit from this topic are through high-paying display ads and expensive affiliate offers.

Like the finance topic, business advertisers are willing to pay so much in order to advertise on the proper blog.

3. DIY Topics

DIY blogging is straightforward and instructional; which means that you will be teaching people how to solve a specific problem or how to create something on their own without having to buy it at the stores.

This then will help you to monetize through: affiliate marketing, selling instruction booklets or printables, Or even using other mediums like monetizing a YouTube channel alongside your blog

Additionally, DIY content typically performs well on platforms like Pinterest, which can help you get more blog traffic.

Although advertising rates for DIY content are not as high as topics like finance or business. But, you can easily convert your readers into affiliate sales by making them follow instructional content.

4. Educational Topics

Education is one of the most profitable blog topics in the world, and since education is very expensive to get in the physical world, offering great educational subjects online will attract much more readers.

Most importantly, teachers and lecturers will have to prepare their lessons and hand-outs, while students are undergoing assignments, seminars, projects, etc in school every now and then. And the internet is where they all hope to get the information they need.

Thus, if you have great educational topics on your blog that rank for the perfect keyword teachers, lecturers, and students are searching for you are likely going to gain more traffic to your site.

Of course, you will not be giving out all these articles for free, as you can have most of them as premium e-books on Amazon o even create a store and sell them on your website. Or you can also sprinkle Amazon affiliate links for products you recommend on your website and earn from commissions.

5. Food Topics.

This blog topic is very profitable because of how creative one can get through monetization. The various ways food bloggers can make money include: Displaying ads, getting affiliate links for ingredients, appliances, food subscription services, etc. sponsored posts, selling printable and E-Books

Sponsored posts are the most outstanding of all these topics because bigger food publications can get offers from brands or companies to use their products in recipes all the time, and these agreements usually amount to thousands of dollars if you have a larger audience.

6. Parenting Topics.

Parenting topics will always be one of the most popular blog topics in cyberspace.

This topic can help you sell parenting books that help others manage the hectic and wonderful responsibility of being a parent.

You can also choose to get creative with this topic by expanding to write about the following micro topics: Stay-at-home work opportunities, pregnancy, a guide for new parents, healthy cooking for families, traveling with kids

Always note that the central topic here is parenting; but what aspect of parenting you write about is up to you.

As per how you will make money from this topic; there’s the regular mix of display ads, affiliate offers, sponsored posts, and the opportunity to sell your own products.

7. Health and Wellness Topics.

This topic has been very profitable for bloggers ever since the internet started because people will always suddenly become sick. While a good number are always searching for fitness advice, new recipes, or general wellness tips that can help them lead a better life.

However, to make this a very profitable blog topic; you ought to know what you are teaching others and have enough credentials to back it up.

But this wouldn’t be a problem, if you are a certified professional in your field for instance a doctor, fitness coach, etc. Or you have an incredible personal story and experience that relates to your topic.

My advice is never to get into this niche if you don’t know anything about health and wellness.


Finally, the last piece of advice I want to give for picking profitable blog topics is always stuck to what you know well and care about.

It might be your career, talent, or whatever you can do well as well as also be zealous about.

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