How To Rank Your Website #1 In Google Search.

How To Rank Your Website #1 In Google Search

This article will reveal to you the easiest way as well as answer the question you often ask: how to rank your website #1 in google search engines.


One word that every website owner understands, and fights to identify with is known as Traffic.

Traffic is simply the number of people who are visiting your website on a daily basis.

And the more people coming to your site, the more your chances of selling your products and services increase.

There are several ways to direct traffic to your site, as you can use paid promotions to reach a target audience in specific locations.

But doing that will require you to spend so much money.

And for that reason, if you are running a small online business, or just starting out. You might give up if you run out of cash.

So the easiest way you should aim is by trying, as much as you can, to rank some posts on your site #1 on Google and other search engines.

And you can do this by driving organic traffic to your website.

What it means to rank #1 on search engines.

Now when you enter a search word on Google and hit search. You will discover several results popping up.

And those results are coming from several websites with a post carrying the keyword you are searching for.

Now the first website that shows up is the one that ranks #1 for that particular keyword.

Of course, you and I know that nearly everybody will click on that site because it shows up on top of all others.

So your aim, as I said earlier, is to have posts on your website that ranks #1 on Google if you really want to gain traffic that will cost you nothing.

Qualifications for ranking #1 on Google.

There are several qualifications your site needs to attain before your website can rank #1 for search engine results.

Number one is the keyword you are using on your posts.

We call that SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another factor and the most important of them all is, how many websites are recommending that particular post.

We call those backlinks.

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