How To Promote Your Blog And Get Traffic.

How To Promote Your Blog And Get Traffic.

By now you must have chosen your niche or topic, published a few contents on your blog, and optimized them for search engines, while on the lookout for how to promote your blog and get traffic.

In order to drive traffic to your blog or website, you have to put those contents out there, in order to start getting people to engage with them.

In this article therefore I am going to show you several ways of promoting your blog content to get traffic.

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Share your article on your social platforms

Trying to copy the URL of your article and share them on your social platforms one after the other might seem a hard and time-consuming task.

So the easiest way is to use a plugin on your blog’s dashboard that will enable you to share to several social platforms with just one click.

One important piece of advice in this regard is to make sure you change the text for the same URL; if you are going to share a post more than once because repeating posts on social platforms is always considered spam and might make you break one of their policies or community guidelines.

Another thing you can do is display Facebook comments on your blog posts because it is a good way to help generate conversation and avoid the typical spam of other commenting systems.

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Create a mailing list.

Another way to promote articles on your blog and get traffic is to create your own mailing list.

You can do this either through your business’ client list or through a form you add to your blog.

Also, whenever you publish a blog post, make sure you share it alongside your mailing list.

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Link your new article to related articles on other blogs.

The last but not the least means of promoting your blog articles to get traffic is by linking your articles to related articles on other blogs; because this will help you get visits from those articles and in so doing  Google will quickly discover your new article.

Your own audience will never be enough to position your article properly in the search engines. It is, therefore, necessary for you to present your article to more people.

Below are a few strategies that will help you to do so:

  • Facebook Ads: You’ve invested enough time already in writing content that have commercial value, why not invest a little cash into promoting those content to a targeted audience at specific locations.
  • Use online communities to share your articles: You can join several online communities or platforms like Quora, Facebook groups,  and several other forums that will enable you to share your blog contents. The same way you use different online communities to find issues that concern your audience; is the same way you can use these networks to offer your answer to people’s questions. It is not all about simply placing a link to your articles, rather try to be active in the communities you choose, help people, and dig out the right opportunities to share your articles.
  • Reach out to public relations and social influencers: You must try and find those people who are on top in your genre either on their social platforms or their own blogs. Share your article with them and ask for their honest opinion about it, and also tell them to add their suggestions. If your article really makes sense or gets to them at the right time to solve one of their many problems, these influencers are likely going to link to or share your content with their teeming followers. However, for this technique to work your content must be original, because no one will ever like to publish a re-written or copy and paste an article from other websites.


If you are able to follow these steps accurately, your articles will gradually receive the amount of traffic over time and put your blog where you rightly need it to be.