Different Types Of Websites And How To Design Them.

If you want to grow your online business via your own website you must know the different types of websites and how to design them.

If you want to grow your online business via your own website you must know the different types of websites and how to design them.

It is estimated that we have almost 1.7 billion websites online, and this gives one an opportunity to have lots of websites to study how they are designed.

As a small business owner or a web designer, you have to e conversant with the different types of websites; so you can decide the one that will meet your needs.

Below are the different types of websites you can learn to design.


Most visitors are going to come to your website through your homepage; and for that reason, this is where your website design should matter most.

You must connect different areas of your website to your homepage; to enable your visitors easily find their way around your website.

Consider your homepage as the main hub of your website, as well as the face of your brand.

While designing your homepage; it is very important to concentrate on making it your main site navigation and point of interest for your visitors.

If you can get this right, your homepage will serve as a conversion funnel.

Therefore, in simple sentences, make it very clear what your website is all about, utilize your brand color palette to match your logo, and you can use images that are highly relevant to your website.

The homepage speaks volumes about your business, so ensure you use words, images, and even videos to convey what your business is all about to your visitors.

Landing page.

A landing page is strictly a specific page you create on your website for a marketing campaign; which aims at driving visitors to take a specific action.

Thus, the contents on your landing page must be limited and geared toward the Call-To-Action you want your visitors to take.

Make sure you use plenty of white space around your CTA and remove elements that are not related to the purpose of your campaign on that page.


A blog is a type of website that features regularly updated articles, photos, and videos.

Compared to magazines, blogs originated from personal content created by individuals; but it has since evolved to being used by major brands and businesses to advertise, promote and sell their products and services.

So if you want to design a blog; make sure you have a strategy in place to update fresh content every now and then.

Having an outdated blog is the worst you would ever do as a blogger; it’s even better not to have a blog at all.


A portfolio website is the type of website where artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, etc create to showcase their best work.

When you are building a portfolio website; there is no need to add all the works you have done so far.

Rather focus on highlighting your best work, using categories.

Since this kind of website is a bit creative by nature, you can experiment with different kinds of layouts.


Also called an e-commerce website is a type of website that has an online shopping destination where users can buy products.

When building a Woo-Commerce website you should make sure the web pages are easy for your visitors to browse products, filter them by categories, highlight special sales and finally make a purchase.

Contact page.

contact page, also known as a directory; is a type of website that allows you to connect with your users or visitors.

This type of website will work well when you want to list people within an organization; or a repository of a business.

For example, a local restaurant directory will feature eateries within the locality and their menus, price ranges, phone numbers, and reviews.


A magazine is a type of website that features informational and educational materials like articles, photos, and videos.

When you try to design a magazine website, start first by building a framework.

Help users see a similar layout anytime they land on your homepage and also let all your article have a similar layout and navigation.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to make your website responsive to different screen sizes to ensure your contents are readable across all devices.

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