Additional Tips On How To Write Good Blog Articles.

Additional Tips On How To Write Good Blog Articles.

This article aims at providing additional tips for bloggers on how to write good blog articles, and without much Ado let’s get straight to the point.

Writing style

It is common knowledge that most human beings do not usually love to spend time onscreen and read word for word, on even the most important post they are looking for.

Glancing through the words is the main way of reading adopted by online readers.

And for that reason, bloggers also need to adjust their way of writing to suit their reader’s way of reading.

And in this article, therefore, I am going to show you the ways and means of writing to make reading easier for your audience, so that while they are trying to glance through your content, they will come across the words that are going to get them hooked.

  1. Make your paragraphs and sentences as short as possible. Give your text some breathing space by separating them into short paragraphs, and make sure you avoid subordinate or sentences that are too long.
  2. If a word you are going to use has a shorter or more direct synonym, then settle for its synonym. Don’t go for words that will stress the reader to understand, especially words whose meaning has to be dug for in a dictionary.
  3. Make sure you adopt different text formats: bold, italics outlines, etc. For instance, if you are writing a quote from another source to back up your claims, you can use italics to help your reader quickly gather the understanding that you are quoting someone else.
  4. Listing your number of items will make it very quick and easy for your readers to read. So don’t try to fit your items in a sentence, rather use new paragraphs to list them out in an orderly form, so as to make it easy for your readers to differentiate them one after the other.
  5. Another easy way to help your readers get your message in one space instead of having to rewrite or quote a claim you have from another article from your blog or another is to use links. This will also help you promote your other articles because the reader eager to gather all the information about the subject matter will follow the link to read that other article

Use Images and videos

To lighten your text or reinforce its meaning, try using images and videos in between your contents to reduce the length of your text.

If you don’t seem to have your own photos, there are several sites where you can find images for your blog. You can use these images for free in any of your projects.

There are people who tend to quickly understand things through diagrams or videos, and research has shown that people tend to watch more videos than they read online, so you must take advantage of this and use videos the ore to engage those who are reading your contents.

The most efficient way to include videos in your blog is to upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and embed them into your content. And in so doing, you will save money on your hosting plan as well as get additional visits from those platforms.

Please share this additional tips on how to write good blog articles to help others learn. Thanks.